Young Carol
colorized age of 5 hs grad LA photo NY photo
Photo colorized
by Carol's Dad
Carol at age 5 High School
LA Publicity Photo NY Publicity Photo

Carol In Performance
Jillys Puerto Rico Helio Isla Hotel Love Dance Fat Tuesdays
Jilly's South, Miami Salon Carnival, Puerto Rico Sheraton Hotel Helio Isla Hotel, Condado, Puerto Rico Recording Studio
for 1st album-
"Love Dance" '83
Fat Tuesday's, NYC '85 Carol with David Finck. Not shown: Harold Danko, Dave Ratacjak
Midtown Jazz Lush Life 1 Lush Life 2 Monmouth 87 Stephens After All
Midtown (Citi-corp) Jazz Series with Steve Kuhn, David Finck Lush Life-with
Hank Jones, Michael Moore, Charlie Persip
and Al Cohn
Lush Life-with
Hank Jones, Michael Moore, Charlie Persip
and Al Cohn
Monmouth County Library '87 Stephen's, After All,
Chapel Hill, N.C.
Freddys Yellowstone Knickerbockers Monmouth Library Birthday
(not seen: Dave LaLama, David Finck, Dave Ratacjak)
Carol with
Tommy Newsome Big Band at Yellowstone Jazz Festival
Carol at the Knickerbocker
with Steve Kuhn
and Dean Johnson
Monmouth County Library with Steve Kuhn, Jay Anderson, Warren Odze Birthday gig at Encore-after show, with niece Isabella, cake, Alan Farnham-piano,
(& Dean Johnson)

Carol With Colleagues
Barnes & Whiting Mal Z Lawrence Hotel Europa Tania Maria Bob Dorough Copeland Finck Ratacjak
Buddy Barnes, Margaret Whiting, & Carol at Fat Tuesday's gig w Hank Jones, Ron Carter and Mel Lewis Carol & Mal Z. Lawrence co-starring Royal Room, Helio Isla Hotel, P.R. Steve Kuhn, Fredette, Carol Sloane & David Finck after "CAROL-TIMES 2!!" show in N.C. Tania Maria, Bob Dorough visit Carol at Fat Tuesday's. Marc Copland, David Finck, Dave Ratacjak and Carol after concert
Passman Dorough Stephen Barefoot Whiting Sherman Mike Abene Marty Bell
Ray Passman, Bob Dorough visit Fat Tuesday's, NYC Stephen Barefoot visits Carol during month long concert run at I.R.T. Margaret Whiting and Daryl Sherman at Carol's gig Carol & Mike Abene (pianist in original Sal Salvador big band) Carol and
Uncle Marty Bell
Fabiano Duchin Jackie & Roy Kuhn Dorough Kuhn Carol Takas Dorough
Roberta Fabiano, Peter Duchin and Carol after performance in Paris A visit with
Jackie & Roy
at home in NJ with Ernie Calabria & friends
Carol, Steve Kuhn and Bob Dorough say "cheese" Steve Kuhn & Carol for duet CD
"In The Shadows"
Having a meal with Bill Takas & Bob Dorough in the city
Kuhn Feldon Frischberg Master Class Blossom Dearie Michika
with Steve Kuhn, Barbara Feldon after Kuhn concert, Kaufman Hall Dave Frishberg and me at Danny Kaye Playhouse Dorough Master Class at NYU and Carol assisting Blossom Dearie and Carol at Danny's Skylite Room Michika (pianist for her students) and Carol
Kuhn Foster Kuhn Paris Carol and Papa Joh Carol and Pete Hamill Carol and Katherine Miller
With Al Foster, Steve Kuhn at Birdland, NYC Carol and Steve visit Rebecca Parris at Birdland Tokyo bassist
"Papa Joh" and Carol
Carol with authors Frank McCourt and Pete Hamill Carol as Producer with engineer Katherine Miller
Carol Papa Joh and Blossom Dearie Bob Dorough and Daryl Sherman Shiela Jordan and Anne Phillips Michika, CArol, Papa Joh and Steve Kuhn  
Carol with Tokyo bassist "Papa Joh" and singer Blossom Dearie Singers Bob Dorough and Daryl Sherman at Carol's CD Release party, Iridium, 2/4/09 Singers Sheila Jordan and Anne Phillips at Carol's CD Release party, Iridium, 2/4/09 Jazz pianist and Carol's teaching accompanist Michika Fukomora, Tokyo bassist "Papa Joh" and pianist, composer Steve Kuhn.  

promotional Photos and Ads
Fairmont Helio Greene St. Arthurs Fat Tuesday
Blue Room, Fairmont Hotel, New Orleans Helio Isla Greene St. Arthur's
Eating House
Fat Tuesdays
Unlimited Blue Note Quogue Birdland  
Unlimited Productions Blue Note Richard Rodney
Hot Summer Nights
at Birdland



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