"When I wanted to make my first CD, I knew that there was one person who could guide me through the process - and that was Carol Fredette... Carol was with me all the way from laying down the musical tracks, to editing, to mixing - working seamlessly and meticulously with the engineer."

Sybil Evans,
New York City

"I began a full-length CD project, Coming Alive, which Carol co-produced with me...  I have received fantastic reviews from critics on this debut CD and have used it to also book gigs internationally including venues in Buenos Aires and Paris."

Joy Bellis,
New York City

Working with Carol Fredette as a Producer:

There comes a point in a student’s development when they feel ready to represent themselves professionally. At this time, most students require a CD. Because of Carol’s years of experience in the studio, her ears are finely tuned to all aspects of the recording process. Her expertise both as a recording artist and as a vocal producer can help expedite the process of creating this professional calling card.

Carol will help you to:

-Conceptualize your CD
-Choose repertoire
-Create arrangements
-Find an accompanist
-Contract musicians
-Book the Studio
-Coordinate the sessions
-Oversee mixing, editing, overdubbing, sequencing

"Carol is the vocal producer on my debut CD "I'm Here Now," and displayed profound editing abilities while working with the engineer on the final stages of making the album. I recommend her to anyone who is serious about making a CD..."I'm Here Now" has received many notable reviews complimenting me on my exceptional diction, phrasing, timing, ability to swing, and lyric interpretation--all the things Carol taught me. In addition, "I'm Here Now" brought me an invitation to follow after Amy London on tour to Kiev and Moscow in Russia, Feb, 09."

Dee Cassella,
Fairfield, CT



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