Without Rhyme Or Reason spkr
I Wish I Knew spkr
Last Night When We Were Young spkr
The Way You Look Tonight spkr
Vivo Sonhando (Dreamer) spkr
Pieces Of Dreams spkr
I Was Born In Love With You spkr
(This is) A Fine Romance spkr
O Pato (The Duck)
Bilhete (Ticket) spkr
Love Thy Neighbor
Would You Believe?
Only Trust Your Heart
Wait A Little While

Helio Alvez, Dario Eskenazi, Andy Ezrin: Piano
David Finck: Bass
Leonardo Amuedo: Guitar
Adriano Santos and Victor Lewis: Drums
Mauro Refosco: Percussion
Barry Danielian: Trumpet
Aaron Heicke and Bob Malach: Saxophone

Produced by David Finck
Recorded at Deep Diner Music, NYC Engineer: Darwin Best
Mixed at Avatar Sutdios, NYC Engineer: Roy Hendrickson
Mastered at Sterling Sounds, NYC Engineer: Leon Zevos
Photography: Eric Stephen Jacobs

"Sincere, heartfelt, impassioned...a few of the adjectives that help describe Carol Fredette's way with a song. She's upbeat and joyous...wistful and blue. No matter what she sings, Fredette makes sure to honor the lyrics and be faithful to them. It's all about the material... making you believe the song, feel it as strongly as she does. In all, a first-class CD....impressive.
Willard Manus, Blues & Jazz Scope, May 2009

"Pure anachronistic plastic frills, ..a real revelation. This CD is a symbol of a long assessment and a heartfelt example of an artist who no longer has anything to prove and whose performance is simply wonderful.
Michel Barbey, jazz critic of the French-Swiss National newspaper "LE TEMPS," April 2009

"...Her stylistic horizon is well defined. Telling stories with high attention to is beautiful to hear that nowadays there still exists such artistic integrity, and a love for authentic things...things which will last forever.
Massimo Tarabelli ANCONA JAZZ, Italy

"This is Fredette's first CD in more than a decade, and worth waiting for. I haven't heard anyone do the Bing Crosby feature "Love Thy Neighbor" since John Coltrane in the 1950s. Fredette sings it with joy in her voice to equal the whooping exuberance of Trane's solo. Her laughing, quacking take on the bossa nova classic "O Pato" is just one more of 15 reasons to admire this classy collection."
Doug Ramsey, Arts
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"Everything's here. Carol sings her way through 15 songs that will thrill you as it did me. "I Wish I Knew" (Gordon/Warren) swings like never before..."Last Night When We Were Young" (Arlen/Harburg) is an absolute vocal masterpiece -- almost spoken at times conveying the true meaning and understanding of Harburg’s exquisite, everlasting poetry. Her novel and original approach on "Pieces Of Dreams" (Legrand/Bergmans) will leave you breathless...a powerful rendition. She has much fun with "O Pato" (The Duck) (Silva/Teixeira) as you's a real kick. Carol understands the great songs she sings...and it certainly shows in this absolutely perfect and faultless, long awaited CD."
Dan Singer, In Tune International

"Fredette sounds as fresh and pure as ever... satin lined, wistful and animated..tempering a girlish vitality with a soupcon of Frishbergesque mordance and mischievousness."
Christopher Loudon, JazzTimes
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"Fredette is a true jazz vocalist. Her 'feel' and phrasing are marvelous; her voice is dusky and sensual. She favors songs that, while perhaps not readily familiar, tell a story that'll keep an audience riveted. The album contains 15 tunes…ballads and many with a Brazililan pop-jazz feel…every one is enjoyable. Fredette’s status as a true jazz vocalist is evident in her choice of the musicians in her backup sextet…these guys groove, and they showcase Fredette as a complete vocalist."
The Davis Enterprise
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"...and now the label (Soundbrush) has snared one of New York's vocal legends and produced one of the most notable sessions of the year. .a new plateau in recording. ...Fredette gives listeners a lesson in the art of performing a comprehensive repertoire. All of the elements are there--poetic phrasing, emotional intensity, and sheer musicality."
Nick Catalano, music critic, educator, author: NEW YORK NIGHTS, ALLABOUTJAZZ.COM
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"Carol Fredette releases one of the best jazz vocal recordings this year...delivering a superb musical experience that's long overdue but worth the wait. "EVERYTHING IN TIME" is so good that I guarantee it will find its way into everyone's jazz collection for sure."
Edward Blanco, EJAZZNEWS.COM
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"She has taken time in the studio to give us a taste of vocal artistry of the highest order."
Joe Lang, JERSEY JAZZ (Jan 2009 Issue)

"The set card pulls from all quadrants, handling them all in fine style and keeping things from getting predictable even where chestnuts are concerned. Simply a wonderful date that hits all the right notes throughout."
Chris Spector Editor and Publisher, MIDWEST RECORD (Volume 32/Number 21)
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"...New York jazz singer Carol Fredette is at her peak, singing a repertoire that blends classic American and Brazilian pop-jazz. A musician's singer. "Everything in time" is a grand welcome back...a happy discovery."
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"...warm and engaging would be a fitting description of Fredette's vocal prowess...and with the swinging musicians backing her, this album is a fine addition to anyone's collection. 4 stars."
John Gilbert, EJAZZNEWS

"Carol Fredette has always been a singer who gets to the essence of a song, but this album keeps you enraptured on many other levels, too. There is the sense of intimacy throughout, the almost talk-sing phrasing on the ballads and the carefree joy of swinging on several Brazilian tunes and a jazz standard or two. Fredette draws you inside yourself on ballads like “Would You Believe?” (Cy Coleman-James Lipton) and “Last Night When We Were Young” (Harold Arlen-Yip Harburg). Then she turns witty and sunny on a fast samba such as “O Pato (The Duck) by Jayme Shilva and Neuza Teixeira, with English lyrics by Jon Hendricks. “A Fine Romance” by Jerome Kern and Dorothy Fields bounces along comfortably and shows how casually artful Fredette is with the irony of the lyrics."
-Owen Cordle, News & Observer
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CAROL FREDETTE sings Dave Frishberg and Bob Dorough

I've Got Just About Everything spkr
I Could Care Less
Wheelers And Dealers spkr
Let's Eat Home spkr
Listen Here spkr
Devil May Care
Never In A Single Year spkr
Wouldn't You? (Woody 'n' You)
Nothing Like You (an Extravagant Love Song) spkr
Love Came On Stealthy Fingers spkr
Zanzibar spkr
Zoot Walks In (The Red Door)
I Got To Get Me Some ZZZ

Steve Kuhn: Piano
George Mraz or Rufus Reid: Bass
Billy Drummond: Drums
Chris Potter, Lee Konitz, Ronnie Cuber, Lew Soloff, Wayne Andre: Horns
Cyro Baptista: Percussion

Produced by Ray Passman and AND Bob Dorough for

"Carol Fredette's 1995 CD "Everything I Need" has just been re-released in Japan for the first time on the Sinatra Society of Japan label. It is a collection of songs by Bob Dorough and Dave Frishberg. What's rare about the album is the guest appearance of the two songwriters on each of their own songs in duet with Carol. This CD is a "must be listened to" item as big stars are joining her on several tracks... ...Everything I Need, a valuable CD. A song list that includes "Wheelers and Dealers," "Let's Eat Home," "Listen Here," and "Devil May Care"...a collector's item."
Yasuyuki Ishiwara, HAMA JAZZ (Yokahama Jazz Association Journal), August 2009

"A collection of songs by Bob Dorough and Dave Frishberg, which will be appealing to the jazz afficionados...the line-up of the musicians is splendid and fascinating and must be listened to. The songs by the two songwriters are difficult to sing, and singers are put through the paces. She charms the listeners with her special skill to entertain them from the first song through the last one.... "Zoot Walks In" (Frishberg, Zoot Sims, Gerry Mulligan) is done beautifully with scat and proves she is a real JAZZ SINGER.
Keiichi Konishi, THE SWING JOURNAL, June 2009

"She inhabits these songs with the kind of bright infectious hipness that the vocal group Lambert, Hendricks and Ross used to convey. And she does it all without scatting. Superb. 4 stars."

"She turns her inventive flexible phrasing on Dorough's "I've Got Just About Everything," making his idiosyncratic melody truly her own."
Drew Wheeler, CDNOW

"...the honey-voiced Fredette...sublime enunciation and skilled dynamics...highly stylized, ...witty and sophisticated, does it all without gimmicks and with a sound that belongs only to her."
John Hogland, BACKSTAGE
with Steve Kuhn

They Didn't Believe Me
Jitterbug Waltz
In Summer (Estate)
Spring Will Be A Little Late This Year
Yesterday's Gardenias
Not You Again
Indian Summer
Sweet William
I'm Gonna Laugh You Right Out Of My Life
Shadow Waltz

Carol Fredette: Voice
Steve Kuhn: Piano

Recorded at "THE" Studio, New York, March 21, 22, 1993
Engineer: Katsuhiko Naito
Liner Notes: Bob Dorough
Cover Photography: Eric Stephen Jacobs
Cover Concept, Art Direction: Bernard Amiard
Production: Ray Passman
Executive Production: Jean-Jacques Pussauac, Francois Lemaire (CAPS)

"An astonishing duo. Ms. Fredette possesses perfect diction, a voice filled with emotion..scintillates with intimacy. A remarkable union which makes the melody and the lyrics sublime."
Per Gerard, JAZZ NOTES 1994

"On their latest CD "In the Shadows,",... Fredette and Kuhn manage feats that are unique and rarely attainable."

Nicolas Catalano
-The Westsider, author of lastest book NEW YORK NIGHTS, critic, educator

"IN THE SHADOWS presents the listener with art that is close to perfection."

Le Jazz, Diapason-Les Compant de mois, Paris

Endless Dream
Thinkin 'Bout Love
And Then It Happened
Dance Tune
Why Did You Go?
Forever Didn't Last So Long
I'm Flying
I'll Meet You Halfway There

George Young: Tenor Saxophone
David Spinoza: Guitar
Cliff Carter: Keyboard
Gil Goldstein: Piano
Bob Cranshaw: Bass
Wayne Pedzwater: Bass
Ronny Zito: Drums
Allan Schwartzberg: Drums
Sammy Figueroa: Percussion
Gordon Gottlieb: Percussion
Valerie Wilson: Background Vocal
Jacquesline Presti: Background Vocal
Emily Bindiger: Background Vocal

Produced by Senjiuru Hibata and Shicayuki Kawashima for King Record, Tokyo, Japan
Recorded 1989 at A&R Sstudio
Engineer: Chaz Clifton

I'll Take Romance
Love Dance
Get Out Of Town
Why Did I Choose You?
Be My Love
Remind Me
Old Devil Moon
You Turned The Tables On Me
Someone To Light Up My Life
Never Let Me Go
Ev'rything I Love
Shall I Compare Three To A Summer's Day?
So In Love

Steve Kuhn: Piano, Keyboards
John Basile: Guitar
David Finck: Bass
Victor Lewis: Drums

Recording Engineer: David Baker
Produced by David Finck
Photography: George Schmidt

"She's as good as they come."
Stan Getz

"She delivers a performance as definitive and riveting as any I've ever heard."

"Remarkably, she maintains a delicate but controlled equilibrium of dynamics, phrasing, tone, tasteful use of freedom and a wonderful sense of swing."

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