Why Study with Carol Fredette?
If you want to swing, learn to phrase, tell a story…
all in the language of jazz.

Carol has a process that gives you a sharp, efficient assessment of your vocal strengths and weaknesses. She quickly finds tailor made material for the individual singer for your particular vocal instrument. She will help you find where your voice sounds best and how to chose the right key. Carol will help you understand the relationship between diction and rhythm.
Carol’s mastery of lyric interpretation will show you how to communicate more effectively. Her special rhythm training will ease you across the bar line.  The purpose is always to make the song more meaningful, and with Carol’s help, you will make the song your own. All lessons include a professional accompanist.

Carol offers:

Vocal/Jazz Technique

•Sharp, efficient assessment of the singer's voice
•Expand range and improve pitch
•Analysis of Voice Placement
   Like choosing a dress that seems right at the time, singers often choose keys that don’t "fit" as well as they should. Carol’s process finds the key that's tailor made!

   Articulation of lyrics for clarity and the relationship of word pronunciation to rhythm and swing.    
   Adept at working with foreign students.(see testimonials).

•Lyric Interpretation
   Telling the story and getting inside the lyric in a very personal way. Making the sentence structure "sensible".

•Jazz Phrasing
   A conversational approach using time displacement and inflection, which makes the phrase swing!
   Back phrasing.
   Rhythm--Learn to create a "swinging" feel.
   Use of pulse, accents etc.
   Diction-and rhythm.
   Embellishment (changing melody note/notes).
   Dynamics and coloring.
   Understanding the use of "space" with relationship to "time".

•Interval Training
   Learn it in a way that is musical and not boring!

Performance Technique

•Analysis of body language
   Getting in touch with your physical instrument.
   Avoiding cliches in performance.
   Relaxation techniques.

•Microphone Technique
   Understanding how to use the mic as an instrument in creating nuance.

•Repertoire Selection
   Choosing songs and creating arrangements that best "fit" the individual singer musically and lyrically.
   Constructing a set.

•Working with the Rhythm Section
   What to listen for.
   Understanding how to communicate with your musicians.
   Talking down the arrangement, counting off the time.
   Understanding Intros, endings and solos.
   Taking control as a leader.



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