What Carol’s students have to say about working with her:

As far as I’m concerned, Carol Fredette is simply the most amazing vocal jazz coach imaginable. Not only does she phrase beautifully, but she is able to communicate the subtleties of great phrasing to those singers who have sought her guidance.  I count myself lucky to be among them.
As a number of celebrated jazz instrumentalists have told me, Carol is the  “real thing,” who knows her craft inside out & who allows herself to share every moment of intimate, dynamic play with fellow musicians.
She is equally generous in sharing her gifts and the insights she has gleaned from real-world experience, with her students.
In my very first lesson with Carol, she communicated,  simply and clearly, to show me the crux of what I’d sought  to learn, for years.  I was dumbstruck by her ability to communicate lyrical and rhythmic subtleties effectively.
Finding Carol transformed my essential understanding of jazz phrasing & for that, I remain incalculably grateful.

Linda Baker
New York City

Carol is an amazing teacher.
I have been studying jazz for eight years intensively. I took so many lessons with a lot of famous fine Jazz vocalists but I always had problems not being able to swing, and also with diction. When I took her class two years ago, I really felt this is the lesson I had been looking for.  Her lessons are so intense and specific. If you trust her, you will improve amazingly in a short time.
She taught me how to make space between phrases and how to  pay attention to the lyric...so I know what I am singing about and therefore, breathe in the appropriate place. I am more be able to connect with the lyric, so the lyric is alive itself and becomes more meaningful. My  audience responds more. Moreover, I won the first  prize in Jazz competition called Asakusa Jazz Competition March 2007 in Tokyo. Without studying with her, I am totally sure it would not have happened.
I just had a recording session and Carol was at the session to check my phrasing and diction. She helped me so much. She is just amazing. (For) the first time, I felt outstanding improvement after so many lessons with other teachers.  I feel more confidence now about my singing. Her lessons are extremely intensive and teach me so many things.
I strongly recommend studying with her. You can really see amazing improvement.

Erika Matsuo
Fukuoka Japan/ New York City

I had been singing jazz and Brazilian music for a few years in New York City at small showcases and as a hobby, but I was ready to take my singing and performing to the next level.  Working with Carol immediately improved my singing in all areas pitch, analyzing lyrics and honestly telling a story with them, phrasing and dynamics, breath control, and truly understanding the concept of swing.  I also was very interested in learning to sing the Brazilian songs I knew in Portuguese - Carol is an expert on the pronunciation and feel of the language, and now I get compliments from native Brazilians on my Portuguese renditions! 
Carol also has a knack for recommending songs for me that really fit my style and preferences -- she has a vast knowledge of repertoire and also ideas for arrangements, which truly make your performance of the song unique. 
After working with Carol for about 6 months, she helped me to record and produce my own demo CD, which I use to get frequent gigs around New York City.  Recently, I began a full-length CD project, Coming Alive, which Carol co-produced with me.  She had extraordinary ideas for songs and arrangements. Her guidance during the recording sessions and in the editing process was invaluable.  I have received fantastic reviews from critics on this debut CD and have used it to also book gigs internationally including venues in Buenos Aires and Paris. 
All of Carol's unparalleled vocal coaching and producing talents aside, she is a wonderful human being to work with and learn from, and generously gives her heart and time to each student.

Joy Bellis
New York City

When I wanted to make my first CD, I knew that there was one person who could guide me through the process  - - and that was Carol Fredette. And even though my expectations were high, she exceeded them during the year-long process.
Carol taught me everything there is to know about subtle, rhythmic jazz singing– and she even worked with me on voice production. I learned the importance of clear diction, a variety of phrasing techniques, and the essential ingredient of emotion and story-telling that makes for a powerful song. And when I was ready to record, Carol was with me all the way from laying down the musical tracks, to editing, to mixing - - working seamlessly and meticulously with the engineer.
My friends and fellow vocalists were just thrilled when they heard the final product. And I was (and am) in seventh heaven!

Sybil Evans
New York City

I came to New York and I really became more in love with Jazz!
I wanted to take a vocal lesson from a vocalist that I used to listen in Japan, but my friend told me: “There is great teacher of vocal Jazz, Carol Fredette. Just one try then you can decide!” I hadn’t heard her name and also I hadn’t heard her sing, so I was little bit worried and nervous. But when I took my first lesson, I found her!! She was the teacher that I was looking for! She changed my life! My music!!
She taught me how to tell stories in singing, and imagine about the beautiful lyrics, to not sing like a metronome, the wonderful phraising, English diction, passion of music. The most surprising thing is, Carol taught me how to strengthen my low voice. And I practiced it everyday. And at the open mic I was singing and then another student told that he loved my low note!! How surprising this thing happened! In a very short time she changed me!
Just a one hour lesson, but she teaches so many things with heartful passion and kindness, so wonderful. Her magic is amazing!! She is as wonderful as a person, as she is as a singer!! I really adore her!!

Yuka Fukuzaki
Kanagawa, Japan

Carol Fredette has, in a few short weeks, added a whole new dimension to my singing. I was looking for a teacher because I had some big gigs coming up and felt the need to be better in the upcoming venues. At lessons, Carol gives you her full attention and the benefit of her years of experience singing jazz. It is impossible not to get better if you listen to her advice and instruction.  (My gig) went great! I was relaxed and confident– I’ve never been so effective before. Laying back on phrases not only gave more meaning and swing to the song,  it helped me relax – and listen to the band. For the first time, I felt like a real entertainer. 
Carol, I don’t have the words to thank you – it was the best night of my life and largely because of you. Bless you for your full involvement with a student.

Richard Benetar
New York City

During my busy short stay in NYC, I was lucky enough to take one vocal lesson from Carol. She gave me precise suggestions and instructions about my posture while I sang, how to handle the microphone, and diction,  which I really needed to be taught- by a professional singer.I always cherish one 90 minute lesson from Carol and now back in my country, I look forward to taking other lessons in the near future.

Kaoru Kitagawa 
Tokyo, Japan

I started working with Carol a little over a month ago. I can not tell you what a TERRIFIC teacher she is.....being in her presence is a pure joy! Being a singer and performer herself, Carol understands how to teach the art of Jazz singing and interpretation of the lyrics like no one else! I had worked with other people...but no one has hit the core of jazz singing like Carol. I was told I could not sing jazz...that was not my style of voice. She proved them wrong.... She has taught me to tell the story of a song - this is very important to Carol, and when you understand this, everything else falls into place. I had given up on my vibratto....it was quite heavy....after only one lesson, Carol taught me how to control my voice. She also taught me how to "swing" the notes....and how to count out the time. I had a gig a few weeks into my sessions with Carol and the response from the audience was amazing! I could not have pulled this off before......Carol has a way of teaching you skills that you can apply immediately AND it works! BRAVO!! She has a way of explaining and sharing her artisty that is totally understandable to whoever she is working with... As far as I'm concerned...she is a national treasure!"  I would highly recommend Carol to any singer...no matter if they have been singing for 30 years or 3 months!

Ben Cassara
Rutherford, New Jersey

When I first heard Carol Fredette sing I knew I had to study with her. I realized that the qualities and skills she possesses were missing from my experience as a singer, and I knew I had a lot more to learn. Carol is an amazing and dedicated teacher. We worked on my diction and which syllables and words to emphasize; she taught me how to understand time, rhythm and what makes you swing. Always, Carol emphasized the art of phrasing and lyric interpretation-- not to rush, and how to stretch the lyric across the bar. This all helps to "tell the story" and to touch your audience, which was what drew me to her when I first heard her sing--I was so moved that I cried.

Carol is the vocal producer on my debut CD "I'm Here Now" and displayed profound editing abilities while working with the engineer on the final stages of making the album. I recommend her to anyone who is serious about making a CD, pursuing a career in singing, or who just wants to sing for his or her own pleasure.

"I'm Here Now" has received many notable reviews complimenting me on my exceptional diction, phrasing, timing, ability to swing,and lyric interpretation--all the things Carol taught me. In addition, "I'm Here Now" brought me an invitation to follow after Amy London on tour to Kiev and Moscow in Russia.

Hear the results of Carol's coaching by going to my website: www.deecassella.com There are no adequate words to express my unending gratitude for Carol's expertise and enthusiasm in promoting my musical evolution as a Jazz Singer.

Dee Cassella,
Fairfield, CT

I’m a Japanese woman who has taken Carol’s lessons since 2007.
She’s taught me diction, phrasing and lyric interpretation. Especially diction is the most important subject to me, because I’m a not native speaker of English. Usually I could not understand what is the correct sound or wrong sound of my pronunciation. She’s  taught me to repeat and repeat in front of the big mirror. And she never gives up teaching me until I get it. She has a passion for teaching of Jazz very much. I think because she genuinely loves Jazz.
At the end of the lesson, the accompanist makes the track of the tune which is learned that lesson. So I can practice and repeat with that tape at home. That’s very helpful!
Recently, I’ve had some compliments when I sang at the gig from a member of the band. They said my phrasing and diction are better.I think that’s because of her lessons!!!

Madoka Yaguchi
Tokyo, Japan

Here is my life before Carol: I sang in musicals, I sang in operas, I sang in churches, I sang in recitals. But when I was a very small child, I was learning from Sinatra. One day, I wanted to go back to singing popular songs – not stopping classical singing and not wanting to sound like an opera singer singing American Songbook songs. I wanted to sing them. But I couldn’t figure out how.
Now, I live in New York, and you’d think it would be an easy thing to find a teacher for something so basic as singing popular American music. I asked around. No one knew.
I consulted Backstage and blindly tried countless teachers and schools but nothing resonated with me or made sense. Back to Backstage- I saw one that mentioned Frank Sinatra. Hmm. I liked the rest of what was said. I called her up. I went over to her studio. She thrust a microphone in my hand. I sang, I’m Old Fashioned, all very nicely, all very dull. After I sang it through once, and then she took the key down some ways, and then she tried different, contrasting arrangements “just for laughs”, as she’d say, and I knew that I had stumbled on a goldmine. And that’s Carol Fredette.
Carol, you see, didn’t want to show off her understanding of vocal technique (she didn’t have to) nor her jaw-dropping, encyclopedic understanding of jazz, blues, and Latin music, oh – all kinds of music. Carol meant for me to sing. Carol would work with me until we found the right key and the right arrangement. It took me a while to figure out singing the different styles, and she was/is patient, and I would try and then one day – I’d walk in and just get it.
Carol brought in Michika Ishikawa for the keyboard. Michika can transpose at the whisper of a key change, write lead sheets, play in all sorts of styles – fabulous.
Carol pays attention. As talented as she is a musician, she cares for her students. When I worked on my recording, she was there, super attentive to every note, even though many of my sessions happened at night. Watching her at work made me better. And when something had to be re-recorded, I just watched Carol. She was accurate as to tempo and her expression helped me focus. However she felt – Carol was 3,000% there for me. I’ll never forget that.
Carol Fredette is my teacher.  She changed the way I think about singing, and she helped me find more voices in me. And, by the way, she is an extraordinary singer, a musician with experience way beyond her years, patience (God knows), and she carries in her skinny body a sense of humor and compassion, and the best sort of professionalism.
I’ve been working with Carol for 7 years now, longer than I’ve worked with any voice teacher. Anything good I do is all due to her.  And did I mention that she has a phenomenal personality and fundamental goodness? Well, I should!

Mary Sheeran
New York City

I am so lucky to have Carol as my first vocal teacher. She is such a true musician that I always feel she loves jazz from the bottom of her heart. She gave me everytime 100% of what she has with so much enthusiasm.
Carol sings songs for me so that I easily follow how to sing it. She is very patient and never gives up correcting my songs not only with a good English pronounciation but also with a heartfelt expression and a deep understanding of lyrics.
I always miss Carol and her wonderful Jazz Vocal lesson.
It is my lifetime treasure that I could meet Carol and have her lesson.
Thank you Carol!!!!!

Mitsuko Sawada,
Kashiwa-shi, Chiba-ken, Japan


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